Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days. It’s not only artisanal, it’s bespoke, sustainable and innovative!

Once again, only superb shows this week. Not Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo superb, but pretty dern good. Get ready to pop a tallboy and talk about all the things you’ll be doing instead of voting a year and a half from now (shame on you, tsk tsk) while kicking it at some killer shows.

OK, here’s what we’ve got:

Tuesday, April 14

Robert Glasper Experiment, Theoretics, and DJ Topspin @ Neumos

As much as you want to go to Ariana Grande, don’t do it. This one is a no brainer if you can get tickets. Seeing the Robert Glasper Experiment when in town should be a reflex by now. Plus, the Theoretics are quietly evolving into something even more special than the super cool and unique caterpillar they were with their two former vocalists. That’s right folks, you have a chance to go watch a butterfly unfold its glorious wings and fly right now. #NoPimping

Wednesday, April 15

Prom Queen @ Barboza

Beat tax day with really (truly) super incredible music + theatrics. Oh, and drinks. Plenty of drinks. (For bonus points, show up to this one prepared by reading our interview with Prom Queen from back in January!)

Thursday, April 16

Mark Lilly @ The Royal Room

Beat the day after tax day with lots of drinks, then go see this David of a local show. Not that I have anything against Goliaths, its just that, well, Mark Lilly is going to lay down the perfect get-ready-for-the-weekend set. I know because I know.

Friday, April 17

Darius Koski and Ryan Davidson @Funhouse Lounge

You haven’t been to the new Funhouse yet? What the fuck?! Well, all sins are forgiven in hell (right before they remove your eyeballs with a white-hot pitchfork), and you beat Satan and his goons to the punch by venturing into the fifth circle at the Funhouse this Friday.

Saturday, April 18

Brothers From Another, Dave B & Ryan Caraveo @ Neumos

This session of “Locals Only,” has you chilled out on The Hill sippin’ suds while the dudes in Brothers from Another drop verses like curses, Dave B kills it and sends it packing in hearses and Ryan Caraveo kicks it off cuz he goes on first-es. Yea, I’m a horrible MC, so do yourself a favor and go see some real ones at Neumos. Aight?

Sunday, April 19

Hip Hatchet, Anna Tivel & Lana McMullen @ Sunset Tavern

So, then you must nightcap your week correctly and take in some of the best PNW singer-songwriters to calm the nerves of week lived haphazardly. Order up something dark, think something deep and get your soul pierced like the septum of a teenager making questionable decisions. Stuck’s Dark Horse for this entire week is Lana McMullen, cuz after a few listens that voice is haunting me something beautiful.

Monday, April 20

Dama Budtenders Ball featuring Polythrhythmics, The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na @ Nectar Lounge

If I don’t need to explain to you what HasF stands for, then get your funky ass out to the funkiest show on the day that state legislation extended the privileges of to the remaining 364. The Polyrhythmics have horns that knock the Tower of Power sideways ala Pisa, and The Funk Hunters steady the sound system better than Geek Squad. Bump, Sweat and Grind until you need to take a smoke break, eh?

Still want more? Good thing we’ve got this playlist of highlights from this list for ya!

Did I miss any shows that I shouldn’t have missed? Let me know in the comments!

saturday artists: Brothers from Another, Dave B & Ryan Caraveo @ Neumos.
sunday artists: Hip Hatchet, Anna Tivel, & Laura McMullen @ Sunset Tavern
monday artists: Polyrhythmics & The Funk Hunters (ft. Chali 2na) @ Nectar Lounge

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